The partner platform for saas companies 🙌

Let's be super clear from the outset. Not every tech company is a good fit for, and that's okay (* at least for now).

Our sweet spot is founder-led start-ups with an annual recurring revenue (ARR) between $2 - $15 million, who use Hubspot or Pipedrive as their CRM.

If this resonates ☝️ carry on reading. isn't just another partner portal – it's a game-changer. We've designed it to
streamline nearbound selling, commission payments, partner training, events, and much more.

If you've spent time managing partnerships, you've likely felt the frustration of tracking deals, calculating commissions, handling 'how to' calls, and organizing events. tackles all these pain points, freeing up your partnerships team to focus on revenue-driving activities.

Our AI Referral feature enables partners to refer deals swiftly via SMS and email, without the hassle of logging into a portal.

Did you know?

Partner platforms normally take 6 months to get set up.

We slashed that setup time down to a single day. That includes the creation of a training academy!

But that's not all. We're shaking up pricing too.

While we're still finalizing our pricing structure, rest assured it'll be based on shared success or a per-partner model. We believe in transparency – no analyzing your willingness to pay before providing a price.

All pricing will be openly available on our site. Plus, no long-term contracts, upfront payments, or setup fees.

Currently, we're seeking beta testers to try out our product and offer feedback. As a token of our appreciation, we will offer a free 'all features' account for life in return for your feedback.

We have 14 beta tester spots remaining.


If your not interested in becoming a beta tester right now and are just interested in learning more about what we are building, feel free to drop me an email.
Let's revolutionize the partnership game together.  

Nikki Albano‍

Questions that we have already been asked.

Who do you integrate with?

We currently integrate with Stripe, Zapier, Slack, Pipedrive & Hubspot. We are adding a Salesforce and Linkedin integrations next. If you require a curtain integration let us know.

How does it work for brands accepted as beta testers?

Being a beta tester is a partnership. As well as early access you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback to shape the product so it meets your spefic requirements.

Can I use my own domain?

Of course. You can host the portal, events & training academy on your domain. You can also set it up so email notifications are sent using your email address.

Is there an API?

We will be rolling out API access on a monthly basis. I you need specific data in the API please let us know.

Where is my data held?

We store data on Amazon AWS servers. Your companies HQ location will dictate which country your date is stored. For example for European companies we will store data on the AWS EU Ireland Region servers.